What Questions Should a Dynamics Pro Ask at an Interview?

Congratulations! Your Dynamics 365 recruitment specialists have helped you earn an exciting interview opportunity.

Interviews are an essential part of the hiring process. They give your potential employers a chance to evaluate your potential as a new employee, but they also give you the opportunity to decide whether this role is truly right for you.

When your hiring manager asks, “Do you have any questions for us?” the worst thing you can do is stay silent. As recruitment specialists, the team here at Adapt Executives knows that the candidates with insightful, role-focused questions often have the best chance of being hired.

So, which questions should you ask as an ambitious Dynamics Pro?

1. How Will This Role Contribute to Company Goals?



Hiring managers are searching for consultants and project managers in the Dynamics 365/AX space that can aid them in achieving their long-term business goals.

Demonstrate in the interview that you’re focused on reaching the company’s targets, and you instantly become a more compelling candidate for the role you’ve applied for. This is particularly true if you’ve also demonstrated competencies during the interview that will be crucial to the organisation’s long-term success.

For instance, the business may be looking for an ERP project manager to support their digital transformation strategy. Demonstrating how you helped a previous company with embracing new software and processes in the past shows that you’re well-suited to the position.


2. What Do the Most Successful Hires Do in Their First (30 Days/6 Months/Year) Here?

Once you’ve shown your hiring manager that you have the employer’s interests in mind, demonstrate that you’re the kind of person who likes to hit the ground running. Asking what the most successful people do in their Dynamics positions will give you a pattern to replicate when you get the job.

Encourage the person performing the interview to give you details on:

  • How success is measured, what kind of metrics managers will be looking for. For instance, you might need to convince your team to use Dynamics 365/AX within the first month, then start generating results within the first 60 days.
  • How often your performance will be reviewed: At the end of the first month, every 3 months, or once a year.
  • How negative and positive feedback is given: Will you be recognised for your hard work, and how will you know if your performance isn’t up to scratch?

This question shows your commitment to making the most of your new role. You’ll demonstrate your ambitious side and prove that you’re not just looking to “float along” for the next few years.


3. Can You Tell Me More About Company Culture?



Finding the right cultural fit is very important today. You might have the skills and experience to thrive in your Dynamics role, but you also need to show your hiring manager that you share the organisation’s values and know how to blend as part of a team.

To guide the discussion about company culture, ask:

  • What does a typical day look like in this role: This question shows you what your employer is looking for in a Dynamics 365/AX programme manager or leader. It will also indicate whether the position fits your expectations.
  • Who will I work with each day: Colleagues and managers will play a significant part in how you feel about your job. Ask if it’s possible to meet some of the people you’ll be working with on a regular basis.
  • What makes this a great place to work. This is a fantastic question to ask if you have multiple people interviewing you, as you’ll get a variety of insights. Either way, you can learn more about what makes the business special.


4. What Additional Skills Do You Think I Need to Develop in This Role?

Even if you’re the ideal Dynamics pro on paper, it’s good to show your hiring manager that you’re open to criticism and ready to improve your skills consistently. In an environment as fast-paced as technology, it’s crucial to be committed to long-term growth and constant learning.

Additionally, asking about where you can improve to make your application more appealing may eliminate some of the red flags that hiring managers have noted while speaking to you. For instance, they might be looking for an employee with a top-level MCSE certification in Dynamics 365. If you only have a mid-level MCSA qualification, you can look into taking your training to the next level before you’re due to start your first day.

If you have no qualifications from Microsoft yet, you can even ask your employer which Dynamics MCSA track they would prefer you to take.


5. What Happens Next?



There are various ways to ask your hiring manager about “what happens next.”

You could start by discussing what the development path would look like for someone in your Dynamics role if you happened to be successful. This will give your interviewer the sense that you’re not just planning on sticking around for a year of experience and then moving to somewhere else.

Learning about the growth, development and mentoring opportunities available from your potential employer will also show you how this position fits with your long-term career plan.

Another way to discuss what happens next is to ask your hiring manager when they’re planning on deciding or getting back in touch with you. This shows that you’re keen to take the next step, and it gives you a deadline to look forward to in your calendar.

The chances are that you’ll find more questions coming to mind throughout your interview than the ones we’ve covered here. Just remember that the end of the interview is another way for you to leave a lasting impression on a company. Don’t waste your chance.





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