What Makes a Great Dynamics 365/AX Programme Manager?

Today, companies are facing a constant state of “digital transformation.” 

New tools like CRM and ERP software allow organisations to stop guessing at what they need to do to delight customers and start implementing informed, cost-effective strategies instead. However, businesses that want to take advantage of these new programmes need someone on their team that can lead the way. 

A Dynamics 365/AX programme manager is the person responsible for choosing and implementing strategies for company growth. These professionals define goals for your ERP strategy, establish parameters for success, and make sure that every technology investment you make delivers the right return on investment (ROI).  

As Dynamics 365/AX recruitment specialists, Adapt Executives frequently places effective programme managers into roles across the UK. We’ve put together this quick guide to demonstrate the critical attributes of an ERP programme manager.  


1. Technical & Industry Knowledge



Dynamics 365/AX programme managers are responsible for managing and implementing the tools you’ll use to drive success in your business. This means that your employee needs to know the details of Microsoft Dynamics inside out. An in-depth understanding of the software ensures that your programme manager can avoid any potential pitfalls on the road to success. 

For instance, if you need to implement custom code and interfaces into your ERP programme, your manager will know how to unlock the analytics you need without slowing down your tools. A Dynamics 365/AX programme manager must: 

  • Have several years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics 
  • Understand how the tool works about your industry, and if any additional measures need to be implemented to secure your strategy.  
  • Commit to continually develop their knowledge as new iterations of Dynamics/AX emerge in the market. 


2. Vision and Influence

Programme managers are experts in making sure that everything in your digital stack operates smoothly. This often means ensuring that programmes and services work together cohesively, while also aligning employees and shareholders towards the same shared vision.  

Successful programme managers define the goals of your implementation project from beginning to end, along with deliverables they can measure along the way. Once they’ve established what your business needs to do to drive success, they use exceptional communication skills to influence employee behaviour, build trust and even convince customers that your company has the right solution for them. 

Programme managers bring clarity to a project by working with solution leaders and business owners when necessary to determine what a new ERP strategy needs to accomplish, and how employees can maintain the success of their Dynamics 365/AX solution over time.  


3. Team Management



As mentioned above, programme managers don’t just govern the code and technology in a Dynamics 365/AX strategy. These employees also work alongside project managers to ensure that teams can effectively access the new tools available to them, and drive business results.  

Successful programme managers are skilled at directing and coordinating various members of a team, by delegating tasks, setting project milestones, and regularly evaluating progress. For instance, a programme manager might delegate security responsibilities to one side, while making another group responsible for tracking the customer experience outcomes of an ERP implementation.  

Programme managers even collaborate with department managers to determine whether specific groups may require additional consultants or staff to accelerate the outcomes of the project.  


4. Excellent Leadership Skills

Programme managers need to be natural leaders. During the implementation of new ERP software, these employees need to address the concerns of stakeholders, improve adoption, and get everyone on board with a potentially new way of working. This means using leadership skills to: 

  • Communicate a clear vision of programme objectives, and possibly offer mentorship or guidance for people who need help achieving business goals.  
  • Organise work into manageable groups and determine effective strategies for meeting deadlines.  
  • Make sure that the appropriate resources are aligned to empower employees and ensure projects succeed.  
  • Consistently review the quality of work and provide useful feedback into a more lucrative adoption of new business tools.  

A great Dynamics programme manager motivates and inspires staff, instead of just “managing” them. These employees use their passion and vision to cultivate a community perspective, where everyone is aligned towards the same goals. The result is often better work quality and greater employee retention 


5. Accurate Information Analysis and Decision Making



Finally, effective Dynamics 365/AX programme managers use their clear insight into the programme strategy to make decisions quickly and adjust their performance according to the needs of the business. These employees manage incoming information from various work streams and use them to make choices that positively impact the entire company.  

In any ERP project, unplanned events can happen that lead to shifts in timelines, changes in scope, and problems with resource allocation. This means that the best programme managers need to know how to make the right decisions and alter their plans rapidly as new data develops.  

These staff members don’t panic under pressure. They know when they need to stick to the plan and persevere, and when they need to pivot to keep the organisation on track. 





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