What Makes a Great Dynamics 365/ AX Consultant?

In a world obsessed with customer experience, Dynamics 365/ AX consultants are at the heart of many business strategies. These hires are responsible for configuring, customising and managing complex operations in sectors all the way from finance to manufacturing and distribution.

The question for many modern businesses, is how do they hire the right Dynamics consultant to support their organisation?

As highly-technical members of a team, Dynamics 365 consultants need to be forward-thinking, innovative and ready to deal with a multitude of complex challenges each day. The right individual can launch your digital transformation strategy, improve customer satisfaction and enhance revenue.

Here are five essential characteristics to examine when you’re working with a specialist team on your recruitment strategy.


1. Organisation and Efficiency



Enterprise Resource Planning or “ERP” is a fast-paced environment which means anyone working with Dynamics 365 needs to be able to work to tight deadlines without feeling overwhelmed.

A well-organised and experienced specialist will know how to:

  • Prioritise tasks
  • Ask for help from the right team members
  • Proactively research and solve problems
  • Work towards goals without procrastination
  • Use the right tools to streamline work processes

Use your competency-based interviews to find out how potential candidates had responded to high-pressure projects in the past with a question like: “Tell us about a time when you thrived under time constraints.”  Look for someone who works “smart” rather than just working hard.


2. Technical Knowledge

A Dynamics 365/AX consultant needs to know everything there is to know about the software. Your Dynamics expert will need to understand how to make the most out of the latest version of the Microsoft ERP system, and how they can integrate other tools with their work strategy to be more productive.

For instance, a consultant might know how to integrate Dynamics 365 with Azure to gather more in-depth customer data for your user personas. When writing your job descriptions, make sure you highlight the breadth and depth of knowledge a candidate needs to have. For instance:

  • What languages do they need to be able to code in?
  • Do they need experience using Dynamics for a particular sector like manufacturing or finance? Or a specific business situation?
  • How will they be expected to use their technical knowledge in day-to-day activities?


3. Problem-Solving Expertise



There’s a reason why Dynamics 365/AX candidates are in such high demand. They don’t just implement new software in your company; they help to solve problems by improving customer relationship management and boosting enterprise operations.

In the complex world of technology, the best Dynamics Consultant will be someone who can respond quickly to problems and come up with creative resolutions. Any strong IT consultant knows how to use their experience from previous roles and projects to solve an ever-changing array of puzzles, and a great Dynamics expert is no different.


4. Good Communication Skills

Often, a Dynamics 365/AX candidate won’t work in a silo within your team – they’ll be connected to your sales groups, marketing experts, and customer relationship management employees too. This means that you need to choose someone who fits with your company culture and knows how to communicate effectively with others.

With the help of your specialist recruitment agency, look for someone who can go beyond the technical jargon of the Dynamics and ERP space, and explain concepts in plain language for everyone to understand.

A great consultant is always more effective if they know how to work in a role where they are  supporting and improving the work conducted by other staff members. You can get an insight into a candidates communication skills by reading through the content in their cover letters and asking teamwork-based questions during the interview.


5. A Passion for Constant Learning



Finally, the best Dynamics 365/AX consultants don’t just get the job done; they go one step further for their employers. These are the people willing to look for things that other team members might miss. A curious nature is a great thing for an IT consultant to have, as it means they’ll never stop learning.

As the IT world continues to evolve at an ever-more rapid pace, consultants need to be willing to keep their skills up-to-date and ahead of the curve. Look for someone who:

  • Loves catching up with the latest Dynamics news
  • Is happy to attend training sessions and webinars
  • Works on their skills in their free time
  • Frequently explores technology forums and hubs
  • Regularly learns new coding languages and talents to make their CV more impressive

Picking a candidate that’s ready to learn and grow with the rest of your team is crucial to ensuring that your ERP strategies don’t become stagnant.