Importance of a Dynamics 365/AX Finance Consultant

In an environment driven by digital transformation and customer experience, ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 are paving the way for business success. Specialists in Dynamics implementations come from many different backgrounds, from those who use 365 for managing organisation operations, to those focused on the areas of budgeting and finance.

Dynamics finance consultants offer some of the most in-demand talent in the marketplace today. After all, when you’re implementing critical new systems into your tech stack, all avenues will typically lead back to finance.

To ensure that your project is budget-friendly, profitable, and well-managed, you need someone with expertise both in the latest Dynamics 365 software, and the complex world of finance.


The Key Characteristics of a Dynamics Finance Consultant



Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an enterprise resource planning system.

Finance is one of the most critical resources within your company. Therefore it’s no surprise that any Dynamics implementation requires careful consideration of how you manage your money. A Dynamics 365/AX financial consultant works alongside the head of finance to understand the goals of your organisation and implement a plan for success.

Ideally, your new consultant will need:

  • In-depth financial knowledge: An ex-accountant can be a fantastic Dynamics Finance consultant, as they already understand all the complex nuances surrounding finance and tax law.
  • A background in Dynamics 365/AX: Evidence of strong skills using the Microsoft Dynamics software is a must-have for these contractors. They’ll need to use their technical skills to implement powerful financial plans and budget management strategies.
  • Strong communication skills: As employees that walk the line between financial and technology teams, a Dynamics 365 consultant needs the communication skills that allow them to work seamlessly with project partners, stakeholders, and management staff too.


Why You Need a Dynamics 365 Finance Consultant

A dynamics finance consultant is more than a standard financial advisor. This member of your team helps to align the requirements and goals of your new ERP strategy with the financial goals of the business. They can work with other staff members to design and align business applications to financial targets and track the performance of Dynamics 365 integrations.

A dynamics 365/AX finance consultant delivers the following things to your growing business.


1. Specialist Expertise



Whether it’s a digital transformation initiative, or your business needs to implement new strategies to improve customer relationship management, a Dynamics 365/AX finance consultant works alongside architects, project managers, and developers to achieve your goals. They can explore and audit your existing business practices, then research the best opportunities available from the Dynamics AX/365 stack to ensure you’re accessing the best solutions for your needs.

Aside from a thorough understanding of the Dynamics 365 service, a finance consultant also undergoes regular training and research to make sure that they understand the ever-changing regulations of your industry so that you can stay ahead of financial rules and laws.

A finance Dynamics AX/365 consultant gives you specialist insight into both technology and finance.

2. Implementation Guidance

When you’re implementing Dynamics 365 into your business, it’s important to make sure that you always keep finances in mind. As mentioned above, most Dynamics projects will eventually come back to finance.

Your new consultant will understand the role of your financial director and discover what you want to accomplish both from your new project, and your financial systems. They’ll work alongside other members of your team to ensure that you’re implementing your new software in a way that delivers the best chances of success.

A Dynamics 365/AX finance consultant can even provide documents and guidelines that help describe how other members of the finance team can use Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and operations so that they can access the best results from their project.


3. Training and Support



In some circumstances, Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX financial consultants can also use their expertise and wisdom to provide training and mentorship to other people within the organisation, including the financial director, ERP project manager, and Dynamics solution architect.

Because financial consultants are experts in the finance world, as well as the dynamics sector, they can keep the whole team up-to-date on the latest Microsoft software updates, and the evolving nuances of things like taxes and regulations.


Attracting your Dynamics 365/AX Finance Consultant

Bringing the right consultant into your team means making the right investment in the expertise you need. For instance:

  • Dynamics 365/AX Senior Finance Consultants with 5+ years of experience: 62% of people receive between £80,000 and £85,000
  • Dynamics 365/AX Finance Consultants with 3-5 years of experience: 73% of people get between £65,000 and £70,000
  • Dynamics AX Junior Consultants with up to 3 years’ experience: 80% of people get between £55,000 and £65,000.


With the help of your specialist recruitment agency, you’ll be able to figure out what kind of remuneration package you need to offer for the right level of skill.




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