How to Write a Job Description that Attracts Dynamics 365 Stars

The importance of the humble job description is an often-underestimated part of the recruitment process. While your specialist recruitment agency can help you to find the candidates best-suited to your Dynamics 365/AX role, your job specifications are how they sell that position to today’s talent.

Get it right, and it helps you to attract your ideal candidate to your organisation and gives them an idea what kind of opportunities you have to offer. At the same time, it’s a fantastic chance for you to sit down with your leadership team and determine what you really need from your new Dynamics hire. Remember, 50% of HR managers say that mismatched employee expectations caused by poor descriptions cause staff to leave a company.

So, what can you do to improve your job description details?


1. Know Exactly What You’re Looking For



How can you be certain you’re choosing the right candidate if you’re not entirely sure what you need? You know you want someone with Dynamics 365/AX expertise, but what exactly does that mean for you? Are you hoping for a Dynamics consultant for your supply chain? Someone with experience managing ERP projects? A hire who can help to develop your technical architecture?

Ask yourself what your new staff member would need to excel in this role:

  • What are the day-to-day tasks involved?
  • How does the role connect to other positions in your team?
  • What are the exact qualifications/ skills and experience required?

You can even discuss your needs with your specialist recruitment agency to see if you’ve overlooked anything important.


2. Choose Your Words Carefully

When Dynamics 365/AX candidates look for a new job, the words they read in a description can matter more than you’d think. One study into hiring and diversity found that something as small as changing a single word in your description can prompt a broader range of candidates to apply.

Test the words you use carefully with your team first before you share them publicly and remember to use keywords where possible. Since you’re looking for a Dynamics 365/AX hire, that term must appear at the very top of your description. You may also include words like “digital transformation,” “CRM,” “Technology,” and “Business Management.”


3. Let Them Know What to Expect



To avoid confusion and get the best selection of potential candidates, fill the body of your job description with a clear and concise introduction to what the role entails. This should be a couple of paragraphs designed to help people understand what their responsibilities would be and whether they’d be good for the position.

Less is more in this section and trying to cover everything (including skills you might not need) might alienate candidates. In fact, one study found that many female candidates only apply for jobs if they have 100% of the qualifications listed. Don’t let someone great slip through your fingers for a skill you can easily train on-site.

Explain a day in the life of a Dynamics 365/AX pro to a potential hire, complete with:

  • Everyday responsibilities
  • Project timelines
  • Team collaborations
  • Essential knowledge

4. Promote Your Company

A job description is more than just a necessary part of the recruitment process. It’s a way to “sell” your employer brand to top-tier talent. Take a moment to step into your prospect’s shoes and think about what you would want if you were looking for a career with a business like yours.

Would your new hire be interested in knowing that they can schedule flexible work days when they need them? As a Dynamics expert, it might help them to know that you have a close relationship with Microsoft or a strong strategy for digital transformation.

Is your company the top in its field, or will your employee be working alongside some of the best data scientists and technicians on the planet? Include these special details on your specs so candidates can see if they’re the right person for you, and if you’re the right company for them.


5. Get Straight to the Point



Finally, remember that Dynamics 365/AX employees are in high-demand. They may not stick around to read a long and boring job description if it doesn’t catch their attention fast. Make sure your application is simple, easy to scan, and convenient.

You can trust your specialist recruitment agency to filter out any unqualified applicants. During this first stage, it’s up to you to attract as many potential candidates as possible. Highlight any innovative projects that would draw a specialist to your team. Cross out any of the non-fundamental tasks that might send them running in the opposite direction.

Remember, formatting your specs with bullet points and an introductory paragraph is a great way to make it more scan-friendly so that applicants can review your role quickly. Once you’ve added all your finishing touches, ask your recruitment agency to look it over. An outside perspective can help to identify issues and enhance your appeal.