How to Build a Dynamic Company Culture in Your Organisation

The term “company culture” describes how your business operates, and the environment you create for your employees. For instance, an agile technology company might embrace an “innovative” culture that prioritises creativity and diversity.  

As more millennials enter the workforce, company culture is growing increasingly important. Today’s employees want to work for a business that shares their values and vision of the world. With the right culture, organisations can attract the right talent, retain their employees and even become more competitive in their industry.  

The question is, how do you build a dynamic environment that appeals to your workforce? 


1. Start by Defining your Vision



An effective company culture starts with a vision that aligns the people in your team. For instance, if you aim to improve customer service using the latest ERP and CRM technology, then you’re more likely to attract Dynamics specialists and enterprise application employees.  

Decide what you want to accomplish in your organisation, and what kind of characteristics will get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Your vision will give you something to share with your specialist recruitment team when you’re searching for relevant talent. What’s more, a strong vision shows potential candidates what they can accomplish as part of your team.  

For example, an agile accounting company with a culture of growth is more likely to give Dynamics 365/AX finance consultants a chance to work with the latest technology, than a business with a “traditional” culture.


2. Reinforce the Right Values

As people begin to join your team, you’ll need to positively reinforce the characteristics that best define your brand. For instance, if you want to convince people that you have a creative company culture, it doesn’t make sense to reprimand employees for taking risks.  

Leading technology company Google wanted to build a culture of growth for their employees. This meant implementing strategies where people can continuously come together and safely share ideas without fear of criticism or ridicule. Google’s “Tech Talks” defined the organisation as innovative and inclusive, which attracted the kind of talent Google needed to keep growing.  

Decide what kind of behaviour you want to encourage in your business and put plans in place to reward people who share your values. For instance, a company celebrating out-of-the-box thinking might have a weekly prize draw for the best employee idea.


3. Hire for Cultural Fit (as Well as Skill)



When you’re searching for the enterprise application talent you need with a specialist recruitment company like Adapt, don’t overlook the importance of attitude. While many skills can be taught, it’s difficult to alter the way someone approaches their work each day. Hiring individuals based on their ability to either fit with or enhance your existing company culture will help your organisation grow.  

Working with a recruitment company will allow you to narrow your candidate choices down based on things like technical ability and background. Once you’ve found people that tick those boxes, you can continue to refine your options further by looking for employees that share the values driving your culture and agree with your vision.  

Hiring people from a range of backgrounds that share the same approach to work will allow your culture to develop organically.


4. Demonstrate Company Culture Wherever Possible

The right company culture improves your employer brand and drives talent acquisition. However, you need to make sure that you’re constantly showing candidates what makes your culture unique if you want to see the right results.  

Ask your technology-savvy employees to share their thoughts and feelings about working with your business on social media. Post case studies that show how your staff members have accomplished their goals with your support. For instance, if you’re passionate about creating a “culture of opportunity” for your employees, then show your future candidates how you give existing employees a chance to grow.  

Include video snippets from Dynamics AX training sessions you recently implemented for your team on your website, and make sure that you discuss development plans every time you bring someone new onboard.


5. Collaborate, Evaluate, and Optimise



Finally, a truly dynamic company culture is something that grows and evolves with your team. Make sure that your people know they can come to you with any issues they have regarding their current environment or any changes they’d like to make to work processes.  

You can even bring people together for a digital brain-storming session over a tool like Microsoft Teams once a month, to discuss how well the business is doing.  

Company culture requires constant nurturing and development. The more you listen to your employees and track performance, the easier it is to ensure your culture is having the right impact on productivity, efficiency and even talent acquisition.  





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