Do Dynamics ‘Stars’ Still Need A CV? #Yes

You would think with our current technology-driven world the trusty CV would be old hat, wouldn’t you?

Ummmm… might surprise you – that certainly isn’t the case.

The first thing a client will ask the Adapt team for when it comes to finding the right employee is access to their current CV.

I know you can debate that face to face questioning and conversation are better (I agree), there is a stage before that, and the CV is it!

The CV /resume has been the start of the recruiting process for centuries. According to the oracle ‘Google’, the very first CV was written 500 years ago, apparently penned by Leonardo; though I am not totally convinced on that one.

For the language scholars, the Latin translation means ‘the course of my life’ and your CV needs to communicate the ‘course’ of your work life.

Over the years  the team at Adapt have read literally thousands of CV’s; the good, bad and downright ugly.

Fascinating then that the CV’s that strike a chord and result in an interview have some specific things in common which we want to share today.


Treat Your CV Like The Sales Document It Is

Bashing off a generic ‘blurb’ style CV is a recipe for disaster. This isn’t going to impress either a recruitment company or a potential new employer.

Give it the time and attention it needs, from;

  • What you put in it to …
  • How you relate your skills and experience to the role description
  • …. to how it’s formatted

Let’s explain more on how this all works.


Write It For The Role

Here at Adaptexecutives, we work closely with all our candidates depending on the role they want.

Let’s say you are a Dynamics CRM Analyst and the role you are applying for, ‘suggests’ that an innovator who loves working with end users would do well.

Hint: Make sure that in your CV you add evidence of how innovative you are and how you can adapt (excuse the pun) and work with end users.

Your hiring manager will be filtering for this during the interview process and will have read your CV looking for examples to validate why he or she should take you to the first interview.


Your Experience

When it comes to Dynamics 365, employers are looking for a skill set and experience.  It’s an unconscious tick they make as they read through your CV that ensures you get taken to the next stage.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Is this position relevant for me; can I add value, and will it help me elevate my career?
  • Is the experience and skill set I have what I need for this role?
  • Have I checked with my recruitment consultant?


Results and Achievements

Truth alert:  Employers want to know how you can help their organisation and can you deliver a process or project on time.

A good way to demonstrate that is to list clearly on your CV what you have achieved in the past for instance:

I have run a support desk for over three years successfully handling Dynamics AX queries, or
I have 3 “end to end” Dynamics AX implementations and have two years of client facing experience.

This list can go on. Crucial: Make sure you relate your achievements to what your potential new employer wants.


Attention To Detail

With over half of the population using a smartphone to read documents, make your CV easy to understand. No long rambling paragraphs!  Break it up into stab points with subheadings and bullets.

This might seem old hat, but formatting, structure and grammar on your CV will play a significant part in how an employer perceives you.

Don’t underestimate the power of this.  From an employer’s perspective if you cannot take time to get this right what else might you not pay attention to?

Think about your contact details and email address. Make sure they are visible and professional.

Don’t ever think professionalism doesn’t matter; it does. While [email protected] as your email address might have been amusing a few years ago; [email protected]  might be a much better email address to create to use as you develop your career.





About Adapt

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