5 Ways to Improve Retention of your Dynamics 365 Talent

In a world with increasing demands for IT talent, Dynamics 365 employees are in short supply.

For modern companies, maintaining a high-performing team isn’t just about working with a Adapt, to find the ideal candidate. Once you’ve brought that individual into your organisation, you also need a retention strategy in place to keep them around.

The unfortunate truth is that your best employees are targets for your competitors, and in today’s job-hopping economy, turnover is a significant problem. Keeping your business ahead of the curve means finding ways to delight and engage your staff members from day one. Here are some of the best strategies you can use to retain your Dynamics 365 talent.


1. Start with Onboarding and Orientation



First impressions make a difference.

If your new employee said “yes” to your job offer, then they see potential job description and company culture. However, that doesn’t mean leaving them to find their way in their new role alone.

Set every new staff member up for success with a documented onboarding and orientation process. During this period:

  • Introduce the Dynamics star to their team and help them to form bonds with the people they’ll be working with each day. People who have strong working relationships are less likely to leave.
  • Provide them with the resources and technology they need to excel in their position. Ensure that training and mentorship are available if necessary.
  • Discuss your business goals and align them with the ambitions of your new talent. Work together on a development plan that appeals to both of you.


2. Give your Employee Room to Grow

Once your new Dynamics 365 team member is settled in their new role, help them to see a future within your business. Follow the development plan you set up during the onboarding process with plenty of opportunities for training and education.

Training opportunities are particularly significant for younger employees. While millennials are some of the most well-known job hoppers in the current professional market, 90% say they would stay in a job for the next decade if it meant upward career mobility. Having interviewed many candidates over the years, we know that one of the reasons people leave an organisation is ‘broken promises’.
This might be in relation to development they have been promised, a promotion or a salary rise.

Keep your word and give your staff members everything they need to feel as though you’re invested in their growth. This means offering mentoring options, opportunities to attend Dynamics 365 events and learn about the latest changes in the technology.


3. Encourage Work/Life Balance



Work/life balance is becoming an increasingly important concern for all employees, including those in the Dynamics space. Although many tech stars appreciate the challenges and fast-paced nature of their career, they also need the occasional break.

One easy way to show you care about work/life balance is to encourage regular breaks. In the UK, 90% of the people who take proper breaks feel happier and more productive. Unfortunately, only 30% of employees currently embrace their lunch break. Other ways to enhance your company culture with work/life balance include:

  • Being flexible with schedules: Allow employees to request early finishes and late starts when they need to address personal issues at home.
  • Offering remote work days: Many Dynamics 365 employees can complete tasks remotely. A day away from the office can reduce turnover and make your employer brand more appealing to future talent.
  • Providing work lunches and fun break-out sessions: Remind your people to unwind with monthly “donut days,” or other treats that differentiate you from your competitors.


4. Get Your Remuneration Right

In a competitive Dynamics 365 labour market, an attractive compensation package is vital.

ERP specialists need to feel valued in their role, and this means that employers must be willing to pay what their talent is worth.

recruitment expert will give you a better overview of how your compensation package measures up to the averages for your industry.

Remember, while money isn’t the only thing your Dynamics 365 candidates care about today, many will still jump to a different job if they can see a chance for a significant salary increase. Regularly examining your remuneration strategy and making sure it’s in line with the competition will improve retention and attract new talent too.


5. Make Communication Part of Your Culture



Finally, star employees in the technology sector want to work for companies that understand and respect their needs. 59% of staff members say that the thing they most appreciate about their employer is their ability to create a positive working environment.

Communication is one of the most important ways to influence company culture. On the one hand, this means speaking to your staff members and providing them with the recognition they deserve for their hard work. It’s also important to listen to what your staff members have to say about their roles and implement any changes they need to be more productive.

Let your people know that it’s safe to discuss their issues with you and make sure that they feel appreciated with regular rewards, or even a simple “thank you.”


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