5 Strategies for Surviving Your First 60 Days as a Senior Dynamics AX Consultant

With plenty of hard work and support from a specialist recruitment company, you’ve earned an offer for your ideal role as a Dynamics AX consultant.

With your start date just around the corner, now’s the time to plan the first couple of months in your new role. The things you do in your first 60 days will convince your manager that they made the right decision by hiring you.

With all eyes on you, entering a new job is often a nerve-wracking experience. The good news is that it’s also an excellent opportunity to start building new professional relationships and setting yourself up for long-term success.

Here’s how you can make your first 60 days count.


1. Know What’s Expected of You



Proving yourself to your employer starts with knowing how success is defined in your position. Will your manager measure success by tracking how many people in your team start to use Dynamics AX effectively? Will they be looking at essential business metrics that are likely to change with the use of ERP software, like customer satisfaction rate or client turnover?

Understanding the scope of your role means looking beyond your job description and getting clarity from a leader on your team. Ask your manager:

  • How will you measure my performance during my first 60 days here?
  • Which tasks do I need to focus on first in my day-to-day work?
  • Who should I be collaborating with to improve my performance? (i.e. project and programme managers)


2. Get to Know the Company Culture

To thrive in your new position, you’ll need to start integrating yourself into the culture of your new company. That means getting to know how people work together in your new environment. In your old organisation, your colleagues might have talked face-to-face all the time. However, in a bigger company with a more dispersed workforce, you might need to get used to using things like instant messaging apps, and video conferencing to interact with peers.

During the first couple of weeks in your new role, observe how people interact, and look for ways to integrate yourself into a new community. If you’re not sure about anything, like whether group meetings are mandatory, ask your team members for help. Remember, while all company cultures are different, some rules apply to any business, such as:

  • Always dress professionally: Dressing for success shows that you take your role seriously. Only start wearing informal clothing if that’s the norm for the rest of your group.
  • Be punctual and well-organised: Learn how to manage your time effectively as quickly as possible. The excuse that you’re “new” to the job will only last for so long.
  • Smile and be positive: Show people that you’re thrilled to have this opportunity. Smile, engage and respond to people when they talk to you.


3. Work on Your Professional Relationships



Relationships will be a crucial consideration in your role as a Senior Dynamics/AX consultant.

Your teams will be relying on you to outline essential goals for ERP implementation and help them understand technology that they may never have encountered before. The quicker you can start developing your connections with major players in the business, the better.

Find out who you’ll be working with every day and introduce yourself. Invite people to join you for lunch or ask whether they can spare a few minutes at the end of a day to chat. You can also show that you’re going to be a valuable member of the team by offering to go above and beyond to assist your colleagues. For instance, if someone in the sales team seems to be struggling with the analytics side of Dynamics/AX, offer to come into work early and guide them through the process.

The bonds you build in your new position both demonstrate your ability to work well in a team and expand your network. Who you know can be very valuable to the future of your career.


4. Learn Everything You Can About the Company

Any great senior Dynamics AX consultant knows that successful strategies for ERP implementation will differ according to the specific needs of the business. To deliver a great result for your employer, you’ll need to get to know your team and the goals of the organisation.

Ask managers and peers to clarify the vision of the business, and how your role fits into the company’s strategy for long-term success.

The more questions you ask about the business and its goals, the more you demonstrate your enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity. Managers love seeing passion in any staff member, and they’ll appreciate your efforts to customise your work according to their needs.

If you’re worried about interrupting managers too often, write your questions down and arrange a meeting where you can discuss everything you need to know in greater depth.


5. Target Early Wins



Finally, make sure that you always have your feelers out for opportunities to establish credibility.

For instance, if you know that one of the main reasons your employer wants to implement an ERP system is to improve their reputation for customer experience, offer to explain how Dynamics AX can benefit sales assistants and marketing teams in a quick group meeting.

As a senior consultant, there are bound to be people who can benefit from extra support, so offer them some mentoring opportunities. Remember, only take on the additional work if it fits into your schedule without harming the quality of your performance elsewhere.

Small acts can make a big difference to the impression you make in your first 60 days. Don’t underestimate them.





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