4 Reasons to Use a Specialist Dynamics Recruiter

Talent acquisition isn’t getting any easier in this skills-short environment.

Both Europe and the UK are suffering from a serious shortage in technical and technology-based skills, which means that finding the right people for your Dynamics roles is tougher than ever. 89% of employers are concerned about the skills shortage they’ll face in 2019.

With so much competition and so little opportunity in the market, it’s no wonder that savvy companies are beginning to turn to specialist recruiters like Adapt Executives.

We have years of experience delivering exceptional candidates to Dynamics management, planning and project roles – regardless of talent shortages.

So here are four reasons why technology firms rely on specialist recruitment companies.


1. They Specialise in Dynamics



The more your recruitment team knows about your industry and the candidates you’re trying to connect with, the easier it is for them to deliver the results you need. For instance, while a standard technology recruiter will look for things like leadership potential, time management skills and history in your field, a Dynamics specialist recruiter can consider:

  • Training and qualifications: Does your new employee need an MSCE in Dynamics applications or an MSCA in Dynamics Operations? Will external training in ERP systems come in handy?
  • Corresponding experience: If your candidates don’t have direct experience with Dynamics 365/AX, will knowledge of another ERP system be enough? A specialist will be able to analyse the relevance of each applicant’s digital transformation background.
  • Keywords and terms: Your recruiter will know which buzzwords your candidates will be searching for when looking for your roles, like “Dynamics 365/AX” “ERP” and “Project manager.”

Recruitment becomes so much easier when you’re talking to someone who understands all the challenges and opportunities of your sector.


2. They Reach a Better Quality of Candidates

Specialist recruiters are experts in cultivating candidates. They know how to attract as many people to your role as possible, using everything from online job descriptions to social media posts. Most importantly, your specialist recruiters won’t just be pulling “anyone” to your position – they’ll be looking for the most relevant candidates, often in areas that a standard recruitment team couldn’t access. For instance:

  • Specialist recruitment teams can connect with passive candidates. Specialist recruiters have networks of passive and active candidates just waiting for a chance to embrace the right role. Recruiters are the only people who can give you access to passive applicants – 90% of which say they’re open to a conversation about a new job.
  • They decode candidate CVs: Rather than just handing every potential candidate over to your team, your specialist recruiters will save you serious time by vetting each CV for signs that someone will suit your role. This means that you spend less time on the wrong people.
  • They’re masters at networking: Your specialist recruitment company will be full of experts that know how to start conversations with crucial candidates and drive more attention to your roles in various channels.



3. They Improve Your Employer Value Proposition

A specialist Dynamics recruiter knows that finding the right employee doesn’t just mean connecting with as many candidates as possible – it also means “selling” your role to those people.

The in-depth knowledge your recruitment team has of your sector, your business and your employer brand will make attracting and retaining the right talent easier than ever. Your recruitment team can provide useful insights into:

  • Company culture: Your recruitment company can convey your culture to your candidates by helping you to write your job descriptions. They can also give you an insight into the cultural nuances that Dynamics experts are looking for – like flexible working hours and open communication strategies.
  • Salary and benefits: Your specialist recruitment team will also be on-hand to make sure that you’re offering the right remuneration to appeal to today’s Dynamics talent. The right compensation package will attract high performers.
  • Reputation management: Your recruitment company can even give you insights into how you can improve your employer brand through positive reviews on social forums and a well-organised website.


4. They Simplify the Recruitment Process



Specialist Dynamics recruiters don’t just publish your job descriptions online and hope for the best. Teams like Adapt Executives are there to improve your talent acquisition strategy every step of the way, from supporting you when you write your magnetic job descriptions, to highlighting the critical elements of a candidate’s CV.

Recruitment companies learn everything they can about your niche, your business and the role that you need to fill so that they can guide you towards making the right hiring decisions. This might mean:

  • Screening CVs and helping you formulate questions for phone interviews.
  • Suggesting competency-based questions to ask when you’re interviewing your Dynamics experts.
  • Sharing examples of successful job descriptions to help you form a template for your own listings.

Just remember, a specialist recruitment team always works best when they’re retained exclusively. Splitting your recruitment strategy across multiple recruiters often leads to duplicate CVs, confusion and unnecessary talent acquisition headaches. Focus on the recruitment team that can deliver the best results for your organisation.





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